Random mix of bantams

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    Recently I lost my (tiny) flock due to a dog so I got some new babies. Identification help is appreciated but not required you can just squee over my babies if you like [​IMG]

    I got a surprise mix of bantams. The flash kind of washes out their color a bit.


    This one is larger than all but 4 of the others. It's wing color is gray.


    This fuzzy footed sweetie is a very pale yellowish silver with grey spots and the wings are coming in black and white.

    This is the largest and when I say large I mean the two largest are significantly larger and I think there's a chance they might not be bantams. It looks like my first ever chicken which was a dominique.




    This one's wing color is kind of reddish.
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    First let me SQUEEEEE

    Ok now I think the one that looks dominique like is actually a Barred Rock (could be bantam). Straight comb is a give away with them.

    Super cute chicks by the way.

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