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    Mar 8, 2011
    For the last 3 months I had some chickens at my moms house with no problems. The neighbors all around me thought it was a neat idea and liked having the chickens out back. One had looked at doing it herself. This is an area with 1 acre lots and fairly secluded. The other day my mom noticed someone pull in the driveway with a white van..... didnt think much of it until 30 mins later when the cops showed up telling me they had to be removed. He had pretty much said that they had just got the call and got there so fast because things were slow. so that pretty much told us who it was. We drove around and found the van......about 3/4 a mile away..... with a large fence around the house and no trespassing signs all over......... Do you think we have our guy????? Why do people feed the need to rain on eveyone elses parade when it doesnt even affect them in the slightest bit??? Apparently the person has a hard time getting along with people if he needs a large fence with no tespassing signs all over in the town. I knew that this would be the problem.... not the neighbors but people who have nothing better to do...... It doesnt matter to them if they are not affected by it or its not hurting anyone. They just like to police everyone and cause trouble.

    How can we say that we are the land of the free with so much regulation? When we asked the neighbor about it she was appalled and told us how she got a fine for parking her car in the grass when she washed it.

    Ohh well... no matter.... their permanent home is done out at my grandpas out in the country between a farm and about 100 acres.... he is on a 20 acre piece of land so we shoudlnt have any problems there. Not to mention 2 of the neighbors have chickens out there as well.

    Anyone else in Beloit WI want to have chickens and get an ordinance passed?
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    Unfortunately there are many bitter and unhappy people who seem to feel threatened by the people around them who ARE happy. It goes something like "If I'm not happy I'm gonna make sure no one else is either".

    I'm glad you have alternate accommodation figured out already and won't have to lose them altogether.
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    Have you actually checked you local zoning and ordinances to see if they are indeed disallowed? Did the police list a section of code that you were violating? Verify it all for yourself.
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    Quote:I agree. Check the zoning laws, although the police are good people they may not be up on the zoning laws.
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    Quote:I agree. Check the zoning laws, although the police are good people they may not be up on the zoning laws.

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    I would also recommend looking up the ordinances for Beloit, to make sure that it does indeed prohibit Chickens. Many communities in our State have reevaluated their chicken ordinances this past year. Green Bay passed an ordinance making it legal to possess up to 4 chickens, and even Milwaukee legalized urban chicken raising a few months back. It is the perfect time to look up what Beloit has on the books concerning chickens, and press to change the ordinance if you have to. Just cite what other "Green" and progressive cities in the state are doing;-)
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    Pulled from the Beloit, Kansas animal ordinances:

    The owning or keeping of any fowl within the city limits is hereby prohibited, except:
    Caged birds kept as pets within a residence structure;
    The owning or keeping of chickens shall be limited to a maximum of five (5) per residence, kept in accordance
    with section 2-304;

    Section 2-304 says:

    Sec. 2-304. Location of yard housing for animals.
    It shall be unlawful for any person to maintain any chicken coop, pigeon cote, or rabbit hutch closer than fifty (50)
    feet to the nearest portion of any building occupied by or in any way used by any person, other than the dwelling
    occupied by the owner/custodian of the animals. Any yard housing for the animals shall be subject to the maintenance requirements prescribed in section 2-414, and any yard enclosure shall be so constructed and maintained
    that any animal kept therein is securely confined and prevented from escaping therefrom.
    No chickens, pigeons, ducks or geese shall reside within the living area of the owner/custodian¬ís residence.​
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    Currently, I have four Red Sex Link babies in a cardboard box on my dining room table. How dare the government tell me what I can do inside my home. Screw them, put their eyes out with hot pokers, and kick them until they can't move, and then bury them alive. Yes, I'm one angry chicken parent who has gone through hell and back with similar circumstances.

    I hope you have success in making sure you can keep your chickens successfully outdoors by the established rules. One grumpy neighbor makes for much grief. Don't people have enough to do without snooping into other people's business?

    I say these things because I have been a victim of untamed hostility, unkindness, and ruthless behavior by a mental case who has been seething with hatred toward me for the last ten years and deserves to be extinguished. People are stupid and the government more stupid.

    Best Wishes and much conquering strength to you!
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