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6 Years
Feb 9, 2013
little farm, Saskatchewan
Today on our way home from work I noticed something small and red scurrying around on the road ahead of us. I told my husband to slow down, the neighbor's dog was out on the road. We slowed down and as we approached the little critter she popped her head up and looked at us kinda cockeyed. It wasn't a dog but a big fat red hen picking at the gravel at the end of the neighbors driveway.

"Ooooo!!! It's a chicken!!!... I should catch it!". To which my hubby responded... "you're really going to have fun with the chickens next year aren't you" and smiled....

The chicken must have heard our plotting because she turned and ran back up the driveway. That was the first time I've ever seen a fat hen run. Oh my goodness are they ever funny/cute!!!! I can't wait to get our coop built and ready this summer :).

(and no I wasn't really going to try to catch her... Even though I wanted to lol!)

This random red hen really brightened up my day so I figured I had to share her little story. Anyone else ever come across a chicken somewhere they really weren't expecting to see one?
You are going to have lots of fun with chickens and will get a chance to see them run every day!

One unexpected place we saw a chicken was when visiting England. My husband and I were doing the tourist thing, visiting an old castle that had a court yard with a snack shop and out door tables. Well, a hen walks by to our surprise, and of course we had to offer some of our snack to her. The staff said that they had a coop on the property and took care of a few hens.
Chickens in a castle, pretty cool :)

My hubby and I went to Key West, Florida on a vacation and we had no idea there were chickens running loose down there until we started seeing them in the streets. That was another "Chickens?!?!?!" moment.

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