"Randy" Gosling


7 Years
Mar 18, 2017
My 9-w-o African gosling (Ryan -- who we think is a female), is very aggressive with our cats. Whenever I break it up, Ryan turns her/his aggression on me. Today, I thought our 9-m-o kitten would just run away after fist peck, but she didn't... she just rolled over. While I was trying to get to them to break it up, it became very clear that Ryan was attempting to mount her. Then half an hour later, went after one of our male cats in the same way. She/he does not behave this way with the dogs or any of our ducks.

This is my first foray into being a goose-mama, so any guidance would be appreciated.
how long have you had ryan if you don't mind me asking?
Since she was 2 days old. She has always gravitated towards one of our dogs as her snuggle buddy (they were inseparable but has always been aggressive with the cats. There have been moments of snuggles with one of them, but for the most part, she picks on our two kittens the most. Then one day she lost her mind and went nuts on one of our older cats. She was raised in the house until this past Friday, and has now been integrated with our ducks (still sleeping in her crate with her food and water), but is with the masses through the night now.

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