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Apr 1, 2009
This will be my first attempt to raise meat birds and I need a little advise on what birds to choose. I have 4 acres of pasture and free range a flock of 15 laying hens and several turkeys. I understand rangers have a longer grow out period and are better suited for a free range environment but is the flavor different than the cornish x? I can get the cornish x locally for about 75 cents cheaper a bird, not including shipping. Since cornish grow so fast how long do they need to be kept under heat? Do the rangers fetch a higher price at sale time? If so what is a ballpark on what to charge? That may also help w/ my decision. Any advise, input or resources are greatly appreciated!


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Jun 15, 2008
Chasing the same dollar at point of harvest ...Not counting the touchy feely or personal tastes or prejudaces , concentrating on just the facts. One is produced and sold by thausands, the other by billions. Figure out which and why, as well as labor and time of production costs which relates to profits. ... and you will have your answer.


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Jan 28, 2009
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Taste improves with age up to a point, so it stands to reason the FR will taste better than CX. Add to that the superior foraging quality of the Ranger, which also positively affects taste.

But they don't grow as fast, have as good a feed conversion rate, or the size breast the X bird does.

But then, you avoid the attendant physiological weaknesses of the Cornish Cross with the Rangers.

If marketed correctly to the right crowd, the Ranger could fetch a higher price with your customers.
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Dec 22, 2009
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Quote:I personally noticed no difference in taste from a 6-7 week cornish to a 11-12 week old FR. Older birds will make a better soup though. I had my cornish outside at 3 weeks with supplemental heat on cold nights.

You would have to sell them at a higher price if you wanted to get any money out of them since they grow longer which equals more food. If you are free ranging them though that helps with the feed cost. I would charge $12-$15 a bird for my rangers, but family gets them for $10.

They both have there pros and cons.


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Jul 23, 2008
I don't notice the taste difference between a 8 week old Cornish Cross and a 11 week old Ranger. But, yesterday I roasted a fresh 11 week-old Ranger. My 12 year-old son missed the meal, but was around shortly after when I was picking the carcass. He had a couple bites and commented: "That's some really good chicken."

The bodies are proportioned a little different -- the rangers are a little longer while the Cornish are a bit more plump and compact. It might be interesting to find out if there is a difference in meat weight to dressed weight ratio. My guess would be that the Cornish does a little better in that regard.

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