Rant about feedstore employees!


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May 16, 2008
West Virginia
I wake up this morning, first thing i do is go check on my chickens as usual. I notice one of my girls are bleeding on her back . You can see from my recent posts I have had problems with rooster treading
. Anyway, I dont have nothing to put on it, so I decide well DH is out, I'll call the feedstore and see if they have any blu-koat or hot pick and have him pick it up. So I call,...I get laughed at
! He said if your chickens are doing that you need to cut their beaks off!? WHAT?!
@#!##@#!!!!! I didnt ask for his opinion first of all,..second of all,..what planet is he from??? I know some people would do this, I do not agree with it. I feel like I am stuck in the stone age with people around here
! I said that was okay that as usual when I needed something for my chickens I will buy online. Then they complain because people don't buy local?? So thankfully, I just out of curiousity the other night , made a chicken saddle,..so i grabbed it and my trusty Neosporin and fixed her up. All is well now, but my disbelief in people.


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Jun 14, 2008
South Puget Sound
I've heard and experienced both good & bad with feed store employees. Just because someone works in a retail store does not mean that they're knowledgeable about best practices for back yard flocks.

Glad you have the sense to do what you believe is best for your flock.


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Aug 25, 2008
The guy at my "local" feedstore keeps telling me chickens don't need grit, even after I tell him mine don't freerange much. So, I drive farther and buy elsewhere.

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