Rant about Flakey Folks... a bit miffed


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Jun 7, 2010
Portland, OR
I posted a trio of chicks to rehome on Craigslist. I got several responses, but went with a lady who had a "lonely" Mille Fleur D'Uuccle hen. My chicks are D'Uccle/ Silkie crosses. We emailed back and forth 20 times for 3 weeks, making sure about her setup, confirming that she definitely wanted the birds, figured out a time to make the transaction. I heard back from her YESTERDAY, Confirming a pickup for TODAY, and about 2 hours ago she says, sorry, she's not going to take them.

No explanation. Nothing. This is SO RUDE, as I have turned others away and held the birds for her. I'm sure I will find another home for them, but really? How inconsiderate it this? I KNOW its Craigslist and folks are TOTALLY FLAKY, but that's why I spent so much time confirming that she wanted them.

I sent her a return email saying how messed up I thought she was for this behavior.
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That is very rude >
Sounds to me like she was very keen.
The fact she gave a curt response with no explanation suggests that something happened she wasn't expecting and didn't want to explain. Illness in family? Domestic? Who knows?

Yes, it was rude and a curt response, but we can't know what happened which caused her sudden turnaround.
I've had similar things happen a lot too.

Had a person I knew text ME wanting to sell me 2 birds and when I offered a slightly lower price than they wanted, they weren't interested. Then they texted ME again later offering the birds at my price. I got all ready for them, was on my way to get them, I TEXTED THEM on the way to say I was on my way and this was the basic response I got: "Oh, well, I really think they are worth the higher price. Don't think I can sell them for what you offered."

Hello??? YOU texted ME to offer them at the lower price! I told them nevermind.

Then as if that weren't enough for me, they texted me again wanting to buy two of my birds. I offered them a GREAT price, and arranged a pickup time. They agreed to it all, seemed very pleased and then never showed or texted that day, after I sat home waiting. Then had the gall to text me about a month later with "got any birds for sale"? My response was a firm "No." although I did have birds for sale and still do have the two I was going to sell them. I will keep them now: have too much time and money invested and I wouldn't sell them to that person if I had to now.
I thik it was very rude. I had some neighbors that mentioned they were wanting a colorful basket of eggs for their kids to gather and were going to order hatery birds. Then they preceded to ask me what I was charging for my Easter Egger chicks, so I gave them a better price for the chicks than ordering from a hatchery, and we agreed on how many to hatch. I then hatched the chicks and after 25 days of us agreeing , they changed their mind. I ended up rehoming some of them, but I had to turn them by hand at the time, so alot of time was involvedI would not do some one like that.
Inconsiderate people tend to put us on the defensive, I just figure its part of dealing with the public and
try to be considerate of everyone knowing I'm going to get stung every now and then.

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