Rant but.... I have a new family member :)


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May 9, 2008
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So my story begins today when I got the great job of moving one of her renters. This lady is hum? different? Yeah so she has a 15 year old daughter and three grandkids probably ages 1, 4 and 7. She is just moving across the street and doesnt have alot of stuff so I set out carrying boxes across the street while mother and daughter stand and watch. They couldnt even watch the children because I had to get them out of the road multiple times
So I finally got most of the stuff moved by myself and I hear a kitten. I am a huge animal lover and anytime I hear something crying I have to go look for it. I find it in the hands of the 7 year old girl. She couldnt have been more than 4 weeks old very tiny and really skinny. I asked the kid if it was theirs and she said no she didnt know where it came from. I walk to go get another box of stuff and when I come back she has the cat by the tail swinging it in circles while the family watches. I calmly tell her to stop and how she is going to hurt it. She did but just minutes later she is kicking it into the ground. That was it I was fuming and done helping these people. I picked the kitten up and took him to my car and left all the while this little girl who was just minutes earlier was wanting to kill this cat now is crying. I dont know if I did the right thing but I dont think this cat would have survived much longer in their hands. More suprisingly my father said we could keep her so looks like I have a new family member.
Wow i would have been mad with her hurting the kitten let alone moving THEIR stuff while they WATCH. I understand if they woud help. But congrats!!!! On the new addition
What is up with all these children of the corn stories!?!!?!? Where do these kids come from?!?? Do the parents not teach the children? I told my 3 year old if she harms an animal she would be taken to jail.... She's never squeezed a kitten tight since i told her that.... lol.

Sorry to hear you had to deal with all that. Sheesh. Poor kitty. Poor you having to move everything, how ridiculous....
I can't stand animal abuse. What the *&$$ is wrong with her mother and grandmother?! Why didn't they stop her? Did they think this kind of cruelty was funny!? Argh!!

I am glad you saved the kitten, and congratz on your new baby
I would have been so mad at that little girl. And even madder at her parents for not telling her how to treat animals!

You should have asked the girl how she would feel if some one was kicking her and swinging her around.
Dont be mad at the child. She has not been taught how to properly handle a kitten. And many times in cases like that ,she might have issues.

I had a 4 year old that was taught to comunacate by attacking everything in sight. Her fault NO, parents fault YES!

NOW for the family members who stood around and did nothing, different story! that's probally how they handle life, smack it, throw it, do nothing...get what i am saying

i would have taken it as well! And now have a cute kitten....Thank god you were there!
I am very glad I took the kitten at the time I felt kinda bad because I understand that it is the parents fault and not the child I was more angry at them. But I wasnt about to take it back and let the poor thing die. I already love it to death I think something maybe wrong with it though because it kinda sways to one side when it walks I am hoping it will get better if not I will have to see what the vet says. As for me moving the people, long story the grandmother was renting a house from my mom. My mom felt sorry for her and practically gave her everything for her house and she didnt mind to ask for more either... every month I had to take her shopping because she didnt have a car. She even asked my mother (before finding her new house) if she could move in with us for a few months. I dont think she would have ever moved if I hadnt moved it for her and my mom really needed to rent the house this month. My mom also rents to this womans daughter (whom the kids belong) they started off with one dog didnt have a dog house or anything for it and it was tied up. So I go buy a dog house take to them for this dog just feeling sorry for it and what do they do go get another dog. Now they have three all chained and have about 4 feet of chain each. So im not surprised at how they treated the kitten. I guess I will never understand why you would want to get a dog or any animal for that matter if you dont want to take care of it and give it a quality life. Imo being chained up 24/7 with no interaction is not a quality of life.
That's horrible! Thanks for giving that kitten a better life!

People's kids really amaze me sometimes. This isn't nearly as bad as what you saw, but I had some people over the other day to pick up some free cedar chips I had advertised.

They came over with their 3 kids, who they turned loose on the place. At first, the kids did productive things, like play on the slide and with the wagon, then the oldest boy (~6) started chasing the goats, and telling the other kids to chase them with him. The parents just watched and ignored them.

Then they started going after the chickens!! My rooster was NOT happy! I really thought that he was going to go after the kids, and I wouldn't have blamed him!! Didn't want a lawsuit on my hands, so "I" had to call the kids off. The parents just said, "Oh, they chase the chickens at their grandparents house all the time."

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