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Feb 25, 2010
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stupid fedex!
my eggs got shipped out yesterday.....the fedex estimated date for delivery is the 10th.....i noticed when the eggs were shipped out it was active way into the wee hours of the night (on the 8th....and wee hours of the morning on the 9th)....well, it hasn't MOVED ALL DAY! i asked hubby WHY it wouldn't move one inch all day long and he said sometimes if fedex has a scheduled delivery date, they'll make sure and WAIT awhile so they can get it delivered on that date! crazy!!!
those are live little eggs i'm waiting on! i know the eggs will be ok....it's just the principle of the matter! so i say
to fedex
Red&Yellow :

They've OBVIOUSLY never hatched eggs before. Hope they get there soon!!!!

haha i feel ya! its the most impatient thing ever!!​
I've never had eggs shipped through fedex... I hate when the shipment just sits - it's right there on the darn screen and all you can do is yell at the computer to hurry up! It's frustrating being able to see where they are, and it's also frustrating not knowing... I'd say don't look at the fedex website for a while
Yes I will in questionably confirm that Fed Ex will hold package until the scheduled delivery date. i not only have had this happen every time a package has been shipped to me via Fed Ex i know two people that work for them. I will cancel any orders that are going to be shipped by Fed Ex anymore. I have had them hold packages for up to three days when they sat in a warehouse not 20 minutes away.
u know...that's a great idea.....i should NOT look at the fedex site......maybe it's the same as looking at a pipped egg with no zip? i'm just gonna go to bed......oh, and i bought a hygrometer....but they were out of the regular kind and i had to get a digital one....
but it didn't have to be calibrated....i was gonna do a dry hatch...and i still am planning on it as much as possible. but so far, the hygrometer read at 10% humidity! so i put a bit of water in there and then the humidity was climbing up to 19% before i just left it alone to go to bed. i'll check again tomorrow.
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i hope ur right about that hechicken! u know i'll be checking when i 1st climb outta bed tomorrow with my eyes barely open!

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