Rant: how would you package?


9 Years
Aug 31, 2010
Fayette county, IL
Now I'm not normally a ranter or a complainer, BUT, today I am.

i regularly buy hatching eggs, chicks, started, and adult birds from breeders. And when it comes to hatching eggs ive never had any ship to me cracked/broken.
And yes i completly understand the whole shipping eggs and how the PO treats the eggs. ( relatively crappy)

now all that being said, let's get to the real story.
About a month ago I purchased 6 hatching marans eggs from a good breeder. The eggs were on this first-come first-serve basis, so there were people on the list before me. I emailed her ( if you would really like to know who pm me , it's not someone from here) about a week ago and I figured she was just a busy lady. Well yesterday randomly I recieved the eggs. So she sent them on Friday the 8th, and they took 5 days to get here! And she didn't let me know they were being shipped, which I asked her to please let me know.
Maybe she forgot Monday was a holiday? I don't know! But that's not what really yanks my chain.... It's how they were packaged.

they were packed in a Thin layer of toilet paper, ( and not the 2 ply kind) put in a egg carton, not even cushioned on all sides by newspaper!

2 eggs were broken and leaked all over the other 6 ( yes she sent me extras, but good thing she did or only 4 wouldve made it! But maybe that's why she sent extra:confused:) I'm a firm believer in bubble wrap, in cushions the eggs from each other and kind of acts as shock absorption from the bumpy ride here. And along with shredded paper. And the best I've seen so far? Box in a box full of bubble wrapped eggs and shredded newspaper ( she's from here! Yay for BYCers)
so I wiped off the eggs and did what I could to salvage them, then promptly emailed her about everything. Of course politely because that's how I am. So far the eggs are in the bator and no email. I'm hoping for one soon. It makes me so mad because I paid good money for these eggs and she couldn't spring for a better shipping method and couldn't even email me with shipping info!
From now on I guess I will have to ask for bubbled wrapped eggs.
I just needed to rant and I knew you all would listen, understand, and maybe have had the same issue.

thanks for listenen!

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