Rant....I'm annoyed.

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    Nov 12, 2007
    I agreed to watch a friends' 2 kids so they could see the New Moon movie last night. I told them they could be dropped off last night after 6. The older boy is in my sons' class & they are friends, the youngest is 4, they usually get along pretty well. So he drops them off last night and I learn the older one had missed school because he was sick. I was a bit annoyed at that point. He asked what my plans were today and I told him I had nothing special this AM but I had a bit of grocery shopping to do and it's my week to clean the office at work which is a bout a 3 1/2 hr job. I said they didn't have to be picked up 1st thing because he mentioned he'd like to take his GF out to breakfast. I was a bit more annoyed that when I unpacked the bag they sent none of the soy milk the little one needs. It limited my options for cooking breakfast for them. So I got my cleaning done at home here & looked at the clock and it's almost noon...I could have swore he said they were going for BREAKFAST not lunch! Now I just got a call and they're at Kmart doing Christmas shopping! WTH! We live in the country, the nearest mall is 25 min. so till they finish it could be 2-3pm! At this point I'll have to rush to the grocery store and won't get done at work almost 8pm!
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    clear bounderaries
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    Sounds like they took advantage of you watching them. Happened to me a few times. But at least I didnt have any thing I had to get done.

    I wouldnt watch the kids for awhile.

    Or have them watch your, if you have them. And take a little extra time doing it..
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    I'd be annoyed too.
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    Oct 18, 2007
    I think the worst part is that they sent over a sick child, putting your kids at risk.
    I remember when I was 16, I babysat a child who had chicken pox and the parents
    didn't tell me until I got there. They assumed I had it when I was younger, well
    I hadn't. Chicken pox at 16 is just tons of fun.
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    Next time, say, " I have some things to do, and must leave by X time. You need to pick up your kids 30 minutes before that." Be firm!
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    You have every right to be ticked; you were taken advantage of! [​IMG] I agree with other posters. Don't baby sit again. Or if you're feeling generous and forgiving, be VERY clear on what time their children are to be picked up (and fudge by about 30 minutes just to be sure).
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    Feb 5, 2008
    It seems that they may have just lost a good babysitter![​IMG]


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