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  2. Thank you. Very good idea.
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    There are prospective clinical trials on fermented feeding that indicate better feed conversion, harfer shells and all the rest

    the numbers were no where near 30% though. perhaps you are wasting so much less feed

    for me, the labor cost in feed prep and distribution is more than the benefits gained
  4. I don't want to debate the dollars of feed savings. But, I can say that I am on a very limited income at the present time, so I know exactly how many bags of feed I was buying. I had actually figured out exactly how much feed I could feed on a daily basis. When I started fermenting their feed, I measured exactly the same amount of feed. Feeding the feed dry, was just not enough feed for them. They were cleaning the feeder completely before they all got full. About 10 days after I started feeding the FF, there was feed left over. After about three weeks, there was enough feed left in the feeders, that two days of the week, I don't add feed to the feeders.

    Any way, I can simply look at my chickens and tell they are healthier than they were two years ago.

  5. Do you feed FF?
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    i think the evidence is the fact that so many people who know thir chickens see improvements

    its just not practical with 19 coops, guinea coops, duck pens and 20 brooders

    i pay 8 bucks for 50lbs of farm mixed feed
  7. I agree, that many pens would make it very labor intensive.

    I have all of my chickens in one pen, except for the 'pet' rooster in the coop in the garden.

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    In my case I watched Guinea Keets go through fifty pounds of turkey starter every week..... [​IMG] I grant you there were forty keets... but DANG.

    I would like to think that just servng it up wet would discourage wastage... and then add in the benefit of fermentation... Win win.

    my situation at best will require I feed through bin feeders. My physical limitations and the many times I have to be away.


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