Rape straw bedding for japs? Also, I have new japs!


6 Years
Dec 2, 2014
I have just fetched these little beauties home...

My male white is in the section next to them, I'm just introducing them slowly as he is very, very flighty so I don't want to overwhelm him (or indeed them).

As you can see I've got them on paper cat litter pellets at the moment, with a house with high quality hay in it at the other end. It's great stuff but not to my taste long term.

My local poultry shop has started stocking Raviera rape straw bedding. The read-up looks great - soft, very absorbent, low dust etc. Has anyone tried it, and what do you think of it? I've only got the 5 birds in this 6'x2' pen so not a huge bioload for any litter to deal with, it's more the dust etc that's the issue for them.


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