In the Brooder
Jul 17, 2019

I am new to backyard chickens, but, I have plunged, quickly and deeply into the world of chickens. I have become a bit obsessed with learning all about chicken breeds and chicken care over the past few months. I have focused on Bantam breeds, but also keep an assortment of standard chickens that lay brown, blue, green, cream and white eggs.
I currently have the following breeds:
Ayam Cemani
Black Copper Marans
Cuckoo Marans
Olive Egger
Silver Laced Barnevelder
Golden Laced Orpington
and Ameraucana

I love my chicken's personalities as pets as much as I love the benefits of beautiful eggs.

Other hobbies?
I am an avid gardener and love to collect rare and unusual plants. I am also a photographer and videographer.

My family, my other pets and lifestyle.
I have two wonderful young children who share my enthusiasm for chickens and animals. My husband puts up with me and the many animals who share our family home.
At our mini-farm, we have chickens, dogs, and cats, who all cohabitate together in a harmonious habitat(most of the time).

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