Rare & Heritage Breed Pictures


12 Years
Aug 4, 2007
I am writing a long webpage article I am in need of some pictures. I am looking for any rare breeds, show quality, chicks, adults, or everything you have.

I will have references back to original picture owner on the page so its also a good way to show off you birds. I am looking for minocas, vorwerks, orloff, faverolles, or anything as rare on the SPPA and ALBC.

Thanks so much for the help.

(If you have some post them on here please)!
Buckeye Cockerel (ALBC strain)

I can't take credit for growing him-- Don Schrider did. I purchased the bird from him.
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I have phoenix, araucanas, a SSH but it is much easier for me to email you pictures than dealing with the whole photobucket thing since I am on DIAL UP so if you give me you email I can send some for you.

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