Rare project...but can this work?

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    ok, this might sound retarded, and im not about to try this either but. Due to the fact that normal human body temp is 98.6 or a bit higer for many. Can it be possible, as an experiment that someone holds an egg under an arm pit lets say ...( pretty weird and probably nasty), but are there any possibilities the egg would incubate and hatch?

    This ? came about as i was building my incubator i had my son hold the digital thermometer. He held the probe like about hree minutes in his hand . The temperature read 98.9 when he gave it to me. SO can this work.. i mean i doubt anyone i know whould hold an egg 21 days in his or her body turn it yada yada yada..
    But Out of curiosity does anyone know well, maybe not know but have any ideas if this can work. Or has anyone ever hear of anything like this.

    Love to ya think possible or no maybe can be ....laterz

    oh and im not going to have my son do it..lol

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    It's been done and yes it can work. You might want to do a search on here, as there were several "body incubation" threads.
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    Sure it's been tried and yes one (maybe more) have had success BUT quite often the post gets removed. Either because us guys can't help drop some comments about seeing pictures or just because it is not a "approved" method of hatching (waste of fertile eggs).

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    LOL!! I told my hubby a few weeks ago (completely lying, and just trying to get a rise out of him) that I had found a man selling Peacock eggs and that my mother, sister and I were each going to incubate one in our bra until we made it home to the incubator. He totally belived it!! LOL!! I am going to go read that thread though.
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    This is to funny [​IMG] I would of never imagined. Now that this method of incubation is in my head it's kinda funny & twisted in a weird way. [​IMG]
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    Quote:silly boy.. doesn't he know that peacocks are not in season right now.... lol....

    i read the thread where someone transported in her bra to keep it warm while she drove a few hours to put it in a working bator....

  8. Quote:[​IMG] That sounds like something I would tell my husband! [​IMG]
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    Why not? I kept a 2 week old kitten alive that way. Tucked into the front of a sports bra, he was nice and warm. Just be careful not to squish it!

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    Probably never be able to raise your arm above your head again... [​IMG]

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