Rash on duck?

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    Over the past week, we have found patches of missing feathers on our Pekin hen. The weird part is that not only are the feathers missing, but the pin feathers growing in are broken off and bloody, and the skin is red and inflamed. We have been applying Nu-Stock to it and that seems to help, but it still looks irritated. The spot on the right side of her neck (which is about three inches long and an inch wide) is the biggest by far, and now it is starting to spread in a 3/4 inch line down her back. The spot on the left side of her neck is currently about the size of two quarters. Any ideas what it could be?

    Here are some pictures of it.

    This is the newest spot on her back


    This is the spot on the right side of her neck


    this is the spot on the left side of her neck that has been treated with Nu-Stock


    It does not seem to hurt her at all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The pictures make it look better than it really does.

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    Are other birds biting at her? Once they see something wrong on another bird, sometimes birds turn cannibalistic. Especially if she is the lowest in the pecking order.
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    As far as we know nobody is picking on her. She is a 10 lb. Pekin hen. Anyone who tangled with her must want to get a whole lot flatter. (I have seen her and one of our Khaki Campbell hens wrestling for fun, and the Khaki almost got flattened.) Our ducks really don't have a pecking order, they are just all buddies.[​IMG]

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