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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Junibutt, Jan 24, 2014.

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    Jul 29, 2013
    I have couple of nasty rats that are coming after my chicken feed. They can't get into the coop because I have left no room for them, however they have been attacking the feed stored in the garage. Back in October when it wasnt too cold, they were chewing through the feed bags which were put high on the tables. So I started storing my feed in plastic storage containers (plastic bins with strong snap lids). So they went after yes and believe it Oyster Shells which were store din bags thinking they were feed. Ok then I took away that as well. All of a sudden they left in November when it got cold but they are back with a vengeance after the last cold blast was over. This time they have overdone themselves, they have chewed and made a hole through the plastic bin and hence 50 lbs of feed has been spoiled. I am going to throw it away and get new one but don't know how to store it since they are eating plastic now as well.

    Is it safe to poison them in winter since they are not getting into the chicken coop and the chicken are not going to wander into the garage in winter? What are best traps available? I really really want to get rid of them but without making a mess.
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    Store your feed in galvanized trash cans, or other steel/metal container. Then the rats won't be able to get at it. They can't chew through steel. And yes, find the strongest rat poison you can, and lay it out for them like a buffet.
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    Be careful if you have dogs and cats.
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    I prefer to trap rats rather than poison them. I don't like the thought of finding poison pellets in my boots and behind my cabinets (true story on both accounts...a few weeks before my FIL's dog was killed by rat poison. I bought a repeating trap, and have caught several rats on it. But last week I actually caught 11 at a time. I know that doesn't say much for me, but it speaks volumes for this trap of mine. I got it from cooperseeds a few years ago.

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