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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by stephhassler, Dec 10, 2009.

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    Jan 30, 2009
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    Anybody read that book as a child? About the really smart rats that escaped from a lab? Well, I have one living by the coop. I have been trying to get him for weeks. He won't touch the regular type rat traps - the ones that are like the standard mouse trap only bigger. We also tried what my FIL calls a conabear (?). It fits down over the top of the rat hole and is supposed to get him as he comes out. Somehow he has been able to push the trap out of his hole without getting caught.

    So, now that we have a foot of snow, my question is . . . am I stuck with him until spring? I haven't seen any foot prints in the snow around the hole, but I really don't think rats hibernate - do they? Is he crawling around under the snow where I can't see him? Is there any way to kill the sucker before he - or maybe she - has a million babies this spring?
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    Your rat is brilliant, I think you should study him! Imagine being able to outsmart lifeforms so much more intelligent than you are with a tiny rat brain. LOL But seriously, they are very smart, I hardly even try to kill rats anymore with any method. I just keep all the poultry food put away day and night (I know, lots of work...but it beats engaging in the neverending battle of the rats) If I see a place where they are coming in, I block it/exclude. I keep my yard free of rat hidy places, etc. Good luck
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    Block the hole. Prevention is the best way to fight rats. Rats are extremely intelligent and often avoid traps because they won't try new foods without much trepidation. They can't vomit so they usually will only do a taste test first and they are often wary of new and strange things and will avoid it.

    The rat is likely running around under the snow or found its way into a shed or house. Also, rats live in colonies, so if you see one, you can bet there are more.

    So keep the feed locked up and plug the holes and do regular checks for them.
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    May 12, 2009
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    yes they travel under the snow.. there will be tunnels if you dig and look. we get them all the time around the wild bird feeders. like a habit trail in the snow

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