Rat problem

Otown Yolkster

9 Years
Feb 25, 2010
I'm scared of poisons so I just bought a battery-powered device called a Rat Zapper because of a rat problem we seem to be having near our coop. Day One -- one dead mouse. Anyone have any experience with these things? I'm kind of nervous about killing other things -- like squirrels and skunks, but I must say so far I'm impressed with the convenience. Just dump the carcass in the trash - no splatter, no still alive animal, etc.


Flock Mistress
10 Years
Apr 15, 2009
There was just a post a week or so ago on here about the zapper. They work very well. The problem with them is they EAT batteries so quickly it's hard to keep them set up. The trick to the zappers is location, location, location. You get the trap situated in the right spot and you will catch a ton of pests. Set it up along a wall where mice/rats would normally walk. Critters like that tend to stick close to walls and corners trying to be inconspicuous. You set up the trap in their walking paths and you will have much success. Just remember to stock up on batteries!

Good luck.

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