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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by chickens again, Oct 30, 2010.

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    Apr 22, 2009
    I never had rats before, but now they tunnel into the yard no matter how I try to block them. Even tho I try to rake up any leftover food scraps in the evening. They ignore spring traps and hav-a hart type traps, and I don't want to use poison that could harm my dog or birds of prey. Anyone know of anything rats could injest to kill them without it being poison?
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    Nov 13, 2009
    Everett, WA
    Where are you setting the traps? Placement means everything sometimes. What bait are you using?

    If you really want an ingestible killer, peanut butter mixed with Plaster of Paris, or peanut butter mixed with steel wool.
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    Jul 13, 2009
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    we had rats over the summer, we stopped feeding the girls outside, and take food up at night, put out spring RAT traps (not mouse) with peanut butter on them, and caught all that seemed to be around.

    Found out our neighbor has gotten 2 outdoor cats, they are bringing home mice and voles etc... to him he said, so we try to welcome his outdoor cats around lol
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    Jul 15, 2010
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    look on u tube for humane bucket rat traps. i would just set as many different traps as possible with a plethera of bait.
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    Sep 21, 2009
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    Quote:Yep, that puppy will get the job done alright.

    I have one of them here only mine holds more than 14 rounds and it is my second favorite get the nasties device, right behind a shotgun, and just before the live trap.

    It is a little overkill when some victors will also dispatch rats.
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    Sep 12, 2010
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    I put poison in a place where my dogs cant get it. I dont really worry about any of the animals that eat the rats because if they eat rats its a pretty good bet they eat chickens too. So in my book I'm getting to birds with one stone (or two predators with one poison as it were [​IMG])
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    Aug 15, 2010
    I just posted this on another rat question, this has taken care of our rat problem:

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    Oct 5, 2010
    New Jersey
    I have the same problem! [​IMG] nasty little buggers! I tried the homemade humane bucket traps, which they did not even go near...so today, I put Dcon trays in 5 gallon buckets, and cut a small hole in the top. I put a ramp to each bucket, and supported them with bricks so they can't tip over. Hoping they can't get back out of the buckets, but I really think they can. But at least they will have eaten the poison... Good luck to you, and wish me luck! I'll let you know if anything works tomorrow morning! i may also try the snapping traps in buckets. and poison inside pvc pipes...whatever i have to do! oh, and i put the buckets each in a spot along the ivy , where they come out of , and run along.

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