Rat-Proofed My Coop?


12 Years
Jul 30, 2010
NE Indiana
Well, I spent all day yesterday (8:30 - 6:00) reinforcing my main coop. I think the worst part was digging a few inches down in the dirt floor and moving the dirt around! I covered the entire floor with hardware cloth and then covered it with the dirt. I also put the roosts and nesting boxes back in differently (hoping this will help keep squabbling to a minimum as I moved some chickens from a different pen into the main coop.

I also covered one of my other pens (a chainlink dog kennel) with chicken wire and that is now my pen for the mommas and babies (4 hens and 9 chicks). Then I was able to utilise the last pen that some of them had been in for my ShowGirl pair.

In spite of soaking in a long hot bath last night and taking 3 aspirin, I was so sore when I got up this morning. My next big project (in 2 weeks) is putting up more hog panels and building 3 houses to give my pot belly pigs each their own pen. Then all I have left is putting together a pen for the pygmy buckling I'm getting------let's hope that'll be it until spring!

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