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    Jun 7, 2016
    Narre Warren
    Hi everyone,

    I think I have had my first experience with some sort of predator. I live in Australia in suburbia where I don't have to worry about foxes, hawks etc. My girls are pretty safe. The cats next door have no interest and the Ravens don't seem to care either.
    Anyway yesterday at around 4pm I heard a ruckus and ran to check what was happening, my first-time broody hen Macy had been spooked off her nest and even defecated all over. She was pacing around absoloutely terrified. I went to check her eggs, she had three of her own and we had popped a quail egg under her, the quail egg was gone. No trace. The only thing I can think of from scouring the forums is a Rat? Can anyone help me confirm this? And if so what is the most effective way (barr poisons) to rid them?

    Thank you!!
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    well if you have quail keep them safe, rats will kill them. The hen may of kicked the quail egg out? Don't put poison out where the future chicks or hens could get to it...
  3. emilyjay

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    Jun 7, 2016
    Narre Warren
    I had a look around to see if she may have pushed it out but couldn't see anything. And none of the other girls were in the coop at the time to eat the remains. Our Quail are definitely safe, secured in a pen away from the chicken coop.
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    1/2" hardware cloth.....often called 'rat wire' here in the US.

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