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Jan 16, 2016
Dorset uk
hi i have 2 young saxony hens 2-3 months and was thinking of adding a pair (male and female) or two the options are silver appleyard or buff orpington (laying) thanks for any help

Muscovy ducks are different. Because ducks don't care what they mate with, you can only have 1 drake per 4-5 hens for all species- Muscovy or mallard-derived. Also, if a Muscovy mates with a Mallard-derived duck breed, they produce a sterile (can't reproduce, ever) breed called a "mule" duck- which are good only for meat, as they don't lay much, if any, eggs.
Cool there really pretty though so I'll have to try the mules or even :)hinnys has any one got any pictures of the crosses above

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