6 Years
Jul 29, 2013
Please help we have been seeing large hole going under our coop I told my husband I think it is rats because it is too large of a hole for mice, but we never see any or any signs besides the holes. Well last night I went in the basement and saw 2 Rats in the basement I have chicks down there so not sure if that's what drew them in or what but I want them gone as in like yesterday. Has anybody dealt with this and what did you find that worked. We have rigged up some poison in a safe place (away from children and pets) but its not working apparently. I have all the food in locked storage bins so I don't know what they are coming in for I just need them gone I have 4 small children. Please Help!!!!!
Rat trap basically a mouse trap on steroids any feed store should have them bait with peanut butter, wire the trap to something with wire in case you get a cripple it won't run off with the trap.
Put the poison in the rat holes. Push it in deep with a stick. That is what we do at work. I work for an apartment complex. We have to be safe with the poison

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