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  1. We always get chicks and a raven always eats them!!! [​IMG] So anyone know if having like a guinea hen or rooster or something would prevent this? Last year we were gonna sell 14 turkeys and the raven left 2 alive!
  2. Anyone??? Please???
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    I'll bite.
    Have you thought about a covered well fenced pen to protect your totally defenseless babies??
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    Seconded. I know someone whose fully grown pet fowl -- ducks, if I recall -- were killed by an owl a couple of years ago. If she'd had wire or a solid roof over where she kept them, that owl would have had a tougher time of it.
  5. Yes we have put a tarp over the spot they eat and drink and even if we locked them there then the raven still got in, ravens are SMART as I'm sure you know. Its prolly better we have a raven because only one year have we seen a hawk but I think the raven was still the raven eating them. So I was wondering if adult fowl can protect baby fowl from ravens. Thank you for the info though
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    How old are these "babies" when they are outside getting eaten? There are folks on here who have to padlock their runs to keep people from stealing their birds.
  7. It varies when we get them, but by the time their LIVING outside they are around a month, also people aren't stealing our birds. We live in a fairly remote area and our neighbors would never steal our chickens since they have never had them. And I'm not sure if its because their too young because the flighty birds or quick birds (like a polish or sebright) are getting eaten not the feather footed ones really.
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    Sometimes a rooster is effective. I had a hawk take a small buttercup roo once but my penedesenca roos stand guard against them. I have a Pene rooster with each flock and one kicked a hawks butt a few weeks ago. He didn't come back.
    I imagine he'd be just as effective with ravens.

    If you haven't seen ravens taking them, it could be dogs, owls, weasels, lots of things.
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  9. Well were like 100% sure that it is a raven since after he circles our chicks went missing. I have an old english game rooster and I'll see how he does, according to the previous owners he got a little aggressive in spring so he should do good, THANKS!!! Also we have dogs so dogs taking them is unlikely, we have a fence and once again our dogs would scare off owls and kill weasels.
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    Have you looked through this thread?
    Dogs are #2 and frequently they're the chicken owners own pets.
    Weasels are pretty sneaky, that's why they're called weasels. [​IMG]
    Crows and Ravens are similar and I'm sure crows would take baby chicks but neither are on that list.

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