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8 Years
Apr 19, 2011
I noticed this morning that my best laying hen has no feathers on her butt. She is one of 7 hens that I have that were born around the 1st week of March 2011. This baldness is about 2" below her vent and travels down toward the underbelly. Otherwise she seems fine. I assume she is being picked on by the others but I have stood and observed them several times today and they can be all crowded around her but dont touch her. Maybe they are just being sneaky, I dont know.

Is there any other reason for her to be totally bald there and is there anything I need to do for her? She appears to be healthy otherwise and I picked her up and inspected her and see nothing crawling on her. She eats Purina Layena and I read somewhere that it being without meat products tends to make chickens cannabalistic. Anyone know anything about that?
I hate to argue with your answer since I did ask for help but am really just still looking for info. I am a new chicken owner. I looked up Flockraiser after seeing your suggestion and it says to feed until laying age around 18 weeks. All 7 of my chickens are of laying age. They have only been laying since July but will be a year old first of March. Is there any other way to increase protein or is it really ok to just go ahead and feed them the Flockraiser for a short while anyway until this raw butt covers back with feathers. They already get the oyster shell on the side. And thank you for taking the time to answer.
I have fed Flockraiser to layers before without problems. Many on BYC do feed it and like it (to layers). Here is a search result...you can search BYC to find many threads on it.

You might start another thread on it too to get different opinions. When chickens are teenagers it is generally good not to overdo the protein as it might make the reproductive organs have difficulties I have read...hence the 17% grower for teenagers, and 20% chick feeds for chicks.

But, the layers needing 16% and no more is up for debate IMO. I believe it is the minimum they require, since eggs are protein.

I read one egg producer say on BYC that the more protein the layers get, the larger the eggs, and then his prices go down that he gets for the eggs, since if they are too large that is not what he is trying to sell (eggs rejected as too large). So he has a balancing act with the protein.

I suppose I am saying to read some threads about it...don't take my word for it that it is done successfully by many.

Even if you up the protein, feather picking is a habit and that might not stop it, if feather picking is the problem.

I hope this helps!
I also often use Flockraiser. especially when I have young chicks with mom. Just make sure you provide oyster shell too, the hens know how much they need, put it on the side ....NOT IN the Flockraiser
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I have the same thing with a Barred Rock. It started with some poop stuck there and after a while she went bald. It is almost a year. I thought maybe it was mites but then all my chickens would have this problem. It must be a feather picker after she is on the roost. She is the boss chicken so I did not think any of the others would bother her. I have 2 australorps in there with them. They have a separate half to the coop. I left the sliding door open so they could mingle. They have been integrated. One of the australorps is starting to loose neck feathers. So I close up the sliding door at night so they are seperate from the other 3 birds. I noticed pins around her neck with the feather missing.


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