Raw egg white sticking to shell


8 Years
Aug 18, 2011
My mother-in-law had some renters that gave her a dozen fresh eggs every week and many times when she'd go to crack them open, half the white would stick to the shell. Now the renters are moving out and can't take the chickens with them so my mother-in-law has moved their coop to her place and is wondering if there is something wrong with their diet causing the whites to stick the way they do. They were free range when the renters were caring for them and my mother-in-law intends to do the same once they are settled. Could it be that they weren't getting enough water? I've had chickens about a year and a half and never had this issue. I figured those of you with more experience may know what is going on. I don't think my mother-in-law knows very much about them as far as age, breed, etc.. She didn't tell me how many there were but I could ask. My first thought was that the eggs were old and had dehydrated in the shell but she's certain that they were fresh. She had chickens once a long time ago but didn't remember this ever happening.
I have the same question, and the links don't answer it. The eggs come from very happy (and as far as I can tell, healthy) chickens (Wyandottes). When I crack them, the yolk and about 75% of the white comes out, but the inside of the shell is still lined with albumen. could it be an issue with an excessively strong chalaza? Any ideas? Thanks for any and all help!
I had this problem too, although I have duck eggs and I hear they are a bit different anyway. Someone had supplied some links to your queery and through the links I found out the eggs have a cuticle, which is a protective layer on the outside of the egg. I was washing my eggs when I brought them in and put them into a paper carton in the fridge. Commercial egg producers wash the eggs, but then replace the cuticle with a light misting of mineral oil. I now wash my eggs as I use them and it has resolved the problem. The fridge may also be a bit drying (causing the white to stick more); especially for the duck eggs which I hear have a thinner shell than chicken eggs. There may be more to the answer, as am a beginner and have only had my ducks for about for about 6 months now.
Hi newsie20000, thanks for your input. I never wash my eggs until just before I use them, and even then, rarely... This happens even on eggs laid less than an hour before... Oh well, they taste good!

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