Raw eggs for consumption???

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  1. ThaJuicyJuice

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    Feb 3, 2011
    This might be the wrong forum, but I will ask it anyway. Does any one do anything to ward of salmonella for preparing raw eggs for consumption. There are several recipes that call for raw eggs. Any suggestions?
  2. CCourson05

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    Jan 5, 2011
    Hickory Flat, MS
    Don't let the eggs get too hot. Collect several times a day. If you do that, you're good.[​IMG]
  3. ThaJuicyJuice

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    Feb 3, 2011
    It's really that simple ???
  4. Illia

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    Oct 19, 2009
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    I personally do not worry about Salmonella at all with my eggs. As long as the eggs are decently clean (but not because they're washed) and they're decently fresh, not been in a warm environment, and of course, #1 - Your poultry have been in a clean environment.
  5. aggie9296

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    Jan 28, 2011
    Panama City, FL
    NO, it's not that simple. All eggs can have salmonella, no matter how quick you gather them or how clean your coop is. The only way to be SURE is to fully cook anything with raw egg.

    That being said, we ate raw eggs from our own chickens in home made ice cream as kids and NEVER got sick in over 20 years. Best ice cream ever!

    So either cook them, or take your chances. Most people get only mildly ill from salmonella, but some people can die from it.
  6. Imp

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    There is no way to completely eradicate the risk of salmonella, except for thorough cooking.
    But any contamination is more likely to be on the surface, so you could "coddle" the egg by dipping it in boiling water for several seconds, or buy pasteuized eggs, or the eggs in cartons, or powdered eggs.

  7. ThaJuicyJuice

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    Feb 3, 2011
    Was wanting to use the eggs from my own flock.
  8. chickintexas

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    Mar 19, 2010
    Spring Branch
    Quote:Mmmmm...powdered eggs. Yummy! [​IMG]
    I don't do anything special with my eggs. Sometimes they even sit on the counter top for a few hours before they are thrown into the fridge. Nowadays, you can get salmonella poisoning from just about any fruit or vegetable you buy at the grocery store. Nothing we can do about that unless we all start growing our own stuff, I suppose. [​IMG]
  9. riverman

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    Dec 15, 2010
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    Quote:Do It! If your flock is in a clean environment and eating healthy and you yourself have a strong immune system there is absolutely nothing to worry about. People have bacteria and viruses all the time but its when your immune system is down is when you feel the effects of that bacteria or virus.

    I eat my meat and sometimes eggs raw raw raw raw, and I literally cant remember the last time I was sick.. It might be a little daring for some with taking the chance of maybe catching something, but if your eating healthy over-all and have a healthy immune system your all clear.

    Just my experience.

    There's so much more of an energy boost too [​IMG]
  10. WhiteMountainsRanch

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    Jun 19, 2010
    San Diego, CA
    I eat my eggs raw in stuff all the time. I've never been sick. Bf refuses to though. [​IMG] [​IMG]

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