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I have seen many uses for Apple Cider Vinager listed here on BYC. What I'm wondering is can you list them into this post so that those of us not as familiar with it can learn more about it.

I know some use it as a worm preventative.

I know that some use it to help sick birds but, don't know why. What does it do for them?

What other uses are there with our birds?
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* It's been shown to boost calcium absorption from feed & treats-- that makes for nice eggs. That's about all I know for sure. It can be taken in water by people to help prevent osteoporosis for the same reason.

is another site that mentions parasite control. I find it interesting that it is good for humans as well!
Great link!
I wonder why your not suppose to use it in metal dishes? Is it because of the acidity maybe?

Edited to say: Great links! I wonder if I can get my DH to take some. It sounds like something he could benefit from.
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TexasStar wrote:

Put into a glass of water: 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, my mom's side of the family swears by it.

It might taste better in a glass of apple juice. Some folks can't stand the taste of it! It comes in gel caps at health food stores I think.​
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The icidity(sp?!) in the vinegar can corrode metal so it can contaminate the water. There is a great article in backyard poultry april/may 2008 on the benefits of apple cider vinegar.

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