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    Oct 20, 2011
    I have borrowed an RCOM 20 - its just the standard model, and does not have any pre-set settings on it. Lady I borrowed it from has only ever done duck eggs so had no idea on settings for chickens.... I did a bit of research and found a video clip by the supplier that said to set it at 37.5c and 45% humidity.

    I am at day 17, eggs look ok, my first hatch was in a Brinsea Mini Eco and I had to tinker with it a bit to get enough moisture loss for the air cells, but in the end got there with a perfect 100% hatch [​IMG]. Now I am concerned that perhaps cause we live in a high humidity area I may need to change the settings on the RCOM too?? [​IMG]

    Does anyone have any experience with the RCOM 20? Its very good at holding the humidity at set level, does this mean that the outside humidity won't effect the incubator? [​IMG]

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    Is this the model that has humidity control - like, you set it for 45% humidity and it does the work to keep it there? If so, then you're right in thinking that the outside humidity won't affect the humidity in the bator very much. I don't have an RCom but I do have the equivalent model of Brinsea with humidity control, and I find that 45% humidity is what suits chicken eggs pretty well. If your air cells look good then you're probably on track for the correct moisture loss.
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    I have to say I have never had external humidity affect the humidity in my incubators. The heating element always makes the air so dry. I could steam up the bathroom, but the incubator without water in it, and still have the hygrometers read -- because humidity is too low for it to register (below 20%).
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    We have had the humidity outside affect the humidity in my incubator. Last week we had a couple of days of rain. The incubator was running around 35% to 40% humidity then the rain came and for a couple of days even with all of the vents open the humidity would not go lower than 45% (which is still ok). Tomorrow we go into lockdown so we will see.

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