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May 6, 2011
I've been searching similar threads, but can't really find an exact answer

I ordered Call Duck eggs from a seller and they are on their way. I'm very excited and researching tons on this breed. I've had Saxony ducks before and I'm very excited to have Call Ducks. However, I learned that Call Ducks hatch earlier than regular ducks.. and this ranges from 24 to 26 days. This means that lockdown is earlier also. So I'm a bit confused on how to set up my incubator.

I'm using Rcom mini incubator that automatically sets things up for "normal" ducks. The incubation period is 28 days. That means lockdown will be based upon those 28 days. The humidity is controlled by just filling up the water in the designated spout in the machine. Some advise in placing a wet towel under the incubator for lockdown to boost up the humidity.

So my question is... Does it matter that the Rcom mini is set to 28 days? Does the Rcom change its humidity once it reaches Day 26? But Call Ducks need the humidity to change on Day 22-24?

Also, what is the recommended humidity level for Call Ducks before and after lockdown? And when is exactly lockdown? I'm seeing so many different percentages and days everywhere!

... Help! Any advice/suggestions/comments would be helpful. Thank you!
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