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Mar 22, 2008
Folkston, Georgia
Ok guys/gals I hatched out about 8 chicks the past two days. Two of them were Silkies, Two were Black Stars, two were araconda, two were leghorns. All of them seemed to be doing great. So within 24 hours, I removed them from the incubator and put them in the brooder. By this afternoon, I noticed that one of the leghorns was not walking, he scooting acros the bottom of the brooder. So after looking him over I just thought that maybe he needed more time to learn his balance. A little while later, he was still scooting acros the floor and I noticed that my two silkies were basically doing the same thing. One of my silkies finally gave up and I was heartbroken he/she was so gorgeous. I put the two that can't walk ,and the other silkie back in the incubator for under 9i0-95 degree temp. I don't know what to do. The silky just keeps falling over on his left side like something happended to his leg. But if I pick him up and hold him, he will drink water and his legs squirm. . Any quick advice would be greatly appreciated. Also someone please tell me about tying the legs when they can't stand strailght. Thanks a million!


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Jan 30, 2007
What do you have them walking on?.. Paper towels is what needs to be used to prevent spraddle leg... and if thats what it is take a reg. bandaid and wrap it between each leg..there should be posts of spraddle leg in the search at the top of this page in just take the sticky ends of the bandaid and wrap each leg the middle part of the bandaid will be in middle space between the legs... ...hope that made sense...

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