RE: Broken wing!!! help!!!

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rooster lover 119

9 Years
Aug 8, 2010
hey guys sorry i didn't get back to you i will check more frequently now. anyways for those who don't know my hen eagle eye has a downed wing and i don't know if its broken or not. she has been in there for 4 days now almost 5 so far she has been drinking. not eating and no egg yet. she is also pooping green. some one said thats a sign of Merak's disease. or it could mean shes not eating enough. i tried the thing to make her flap her wings but she only flapped her good wing. not the bad one. she does not move a lot. the first night she slept up on the perch in the brooding box. but now she only sleeps in the nest. all she does is sleep all day long. here are the pics. and for those of you wondering she will be 1 year old in May. She has not got her vaccination shot for Merak's either. I don't know how she got a broken wing if that is the case. it could have been the rooster mating with her, maybe she fell from the perch at night, ect. and no i am almost positive it isn't her leg thats causing the limp. she doesn't limp that much any more.

her bad wing.




and her good wing.



and the green poop.



thanks for helping guys.
Did she get into a fight? Did she get herself caught in the coop somehow like in between a nest box and a wall? That would explain her limping and wing. At least her limping is better but her wing is not. She can live a long life with a bad wing (it will heal) she just might sleep on the floor or nest box from now on.

Green poop is not Mereks. She is starving to death. What you are seeing is bile. Why isn't she eating? What have you been offering her?
no one was home the day she got hurt so i don't know if she got caught or fell on anything. when i got home she was just in the coop with a downed wing with all the other hens trying to keep up

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