Re-home part of my flock?


Jul 18, 2016
Uxbridge, Ma
I ordered ducklings and eggs a few weeks ago. The ducklings are about two weeks and the eggs just hatched. Two friends of mine each want to add ducks to their chickens. One of them wants two ducks and I was considering a two week old female and a male Harlequin that just hatched. I have them in the same brooder with a soft screen to keep them separated but the two week old is continuing to do the alarm call. Will she eventually calm down or is this too stressful for her? I moved her back until I learn more.
My other friend wants just one female. Will it be too stressful for the duck to give her a two week old female?
Both friends can't get their ducks for another week. I'm wondering if it's too stressful for the ducks and I should just say no?


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You can give away two ducklings to your friend, they will be fine. Wait until the male is older and stronger (and bigger) so that the older female can't accidentally hurt him.

You cannot however give the other friend one duckling. They are flock animals and your friend needs to have at least two. Otherwise the one duck will be very lonely. Lone ducks have even been known to pine themselves to death - they stop eating and starve. It doesn't matter if your friend has chickens or any other birds, they will not provide an adequate flock for the duckling.

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