8 Years
May 21, 2011
Champion, Michigan
I have a dilemma that Im sure Ill get help with..

My 7 month old " Baby " , that I Love soooo dearly, and is a Fantastic protector of his girls, has just recently began " Flogging" me so bad, that one day when he jumped straight up into the air to " Chest Butt" me, he hit me sooooo hard with his spurs, that I have several puncture wounds on my right shin !

He just would NOT stop attacking me. Ive NEVER seen him in such a state of " frenzy ", that it actually scared me.

Ive tried " pinning him " , picking him up and carried him around like a " football", gently, while I did my chores.

Well, as soon as I put him down, he started right back in, except , Now, he not only continued to Flogged me, but he would " bite " and grab ahold of parts of pants, and just hold on for dear life, while shaking his head , violently....much like a dog grabbing on to someones clothes or skin, and trying to " rip " their
Skin off..

Its to a point now, that I just DONT go out to let that " little flock within my flock " anymore, to do their chores ! My 15 yr old son, who is the biggest chicken and duck lover, takes care of them, while I tend to the Other chickens and ducks .

Now, my son gets Flogged , only occasionally, but he is much more able and quicker than I am, to nab him, carry him around or Pin him, until he settles down !

Ya see, I am a 49 year old , woman, who is a Veteran of the U.S Army , who served as an officer during the Gulf War, 1985-1991, then in the Navy and in Iraq, where I was injured bad enough , that I now have Very painful nerve damage, that is Progressive.

It is becoming harder for me to move around much less, have to move quick to try to catch him, pin him or just try to get out of his way.

I have a feeling that I will be RE-HOMING him, which is breaking my heart, but Im at my wits end.

He will need to go to a LOVING family, who would love a beautiful rooster, and would keep him AS A PET....ONLY...and NOT HURT OR DO ANYTHING TOO HORRIBLE TO THINK ABOUT !

Hes a Roo, and he is only doing what God and nature genetically programmed him to do, and that is to protect his girls, BUT in the same time, I am becoming worse, and its ALMOST impossible for me to do what I need to do, to help him be the best rooster AND pet, that he can be!

CL&DL, You sound like a wonderful lady and if I were a bird, I'd be lucky to have you as my guardian. Unfortunately, your roo doesn't appreciate what he has. You already know in your heart what needs to be done. Keeping this roo is only going to end up with someone being badly injured, worse than you were. If you rehome him, be sure to make the people getting him aware of his violent behavior.
You don't want those genes passed on and obviously he is NOT safe.

He needs to go.

I had a White Crested Blue once that wouldn't leave me alone. I finally rehomed him to a place with China games. I don't know how long he lived after that.
Hi, I can only tell you what worked for me... My roo was pecking me hard enough to draw blood so after carrying him around the property at dusk I set it up to go into the coop with my arms slathered with a very hot chili sauce. He took one last peck at me and has never attempted again. I go in every night to check my chickens and pet them and he lets me pet him and his girls as much as I want. I did not want to get rid of him but that was going to be my next step. Good luck!
First of all, I'd like to say thank you for your service to our country. Now about that rooster.... He definitely needs to go, but you need to be honest about his behavior. You don't want someone with kids taking him and a child getting injured. If he attacks at your house, he'll attack no matter where he goes. I honestly think it would be best for you to give/sell him to someone you don't know, so you aren't tempted to check up on him later. Once he leaves your place, he's no longer yours, so you have no say about what happens to him. And frankly, if he's that mean, it might be best not to know. He wouldn't last long here. It's hard to let a pet go, but you don't need to deal with a mean rooster. There are good ones out there who will still protect their flock and not attack their owners. I hope you can find one of them.
I am very sorry about your Roos behaviour, and I thank you for your service.
Now the hard part. Why would someone want a dangerous roo as a pet?
Those genes need to stop right there.
How horrible would you feel if he really hurt someone?

There are enough roos out there that are upstanding members of society that is seems sensless to me to keep one that is such a threat.
I'm sorry and good luck.
I would rehome to the stew pot. You cannot in good consience give or sell a mean animal to anyone. Whether it be a dog, horse, cow, or even a little rooster, the ability to inflict wounds and pain puts the responsiblity on you. It is not what you want to hear, but you must step up and make sure this roo cannot injure anyone--at your home or any one else's. Sorry.
I would be breaking out the crock pot. I would not trust anyone who wanted a violent roo to treat them nicely. It would be more important to me know he was treated with dignity.
This bird unfortunately is not fit to be rehomed as a pet. If you had a small dog that acted this same way, constantly attacking and biting people, would you give it to another family, possibly one with children? Not a good idea. Roosters who are aggressive towards people cannot be retrained and the bird would likely behave the same way towards anyone else who took him, resulting in a dangerous situation.

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