re introduce hen and chick to main run


6 Years
Sep 10, 2013
Hello all
when and what age is it best to re-introduce a hen and her 5 week old chick to main run hen is getting bored in her old run

question 2
how often do you change soil in the run to stop the build up of worm eggs etc the run is 16ft long x 11 ft wide with 12 pullets I turn the soil over and dig area every week plus they are allowed out of pen to free range every few days or can you use jeyes fluid on the soil overnight to kill and disinfect area oh is the anything else available in England

question 3 my chickens have a liking to rubarb leaves they strip the plant when they free range

thank you
Welcome to BYC! Rhubarb leaves are poisonous, not sure if I'd let the chickens eat them. I would put mama and chick in the same run as the others separated by wire so they can get used to each other first. Good luck to you.
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! Put mom and the chick back with the others asap, before she weans the chick (which should be within the next 2-3 weeks). This way the flock will get to know and accept the chick while it's still under mom's protection.

Some people use lime to sweeten the soil in their chicken runs. More info here:
Thanks for the replys and the welcomes to the site
update Mother and chick back in main run for 36 hours now all seams fine seams will settled now

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