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    We had a sick hen that came into the house to recover a while ago. We figured she would die anyway- staggering like our old roo, Butterball, started doing before he died last summer. But, Fido is a tough bird and recovered and is enjoying being a house chicken:lol: Now it is time for her to go back out in the henhouse. We have re-introduced her to them while free-rangeing (only can do that when we are standing right there with them because of predators) and they seem fine- a few minor scuffles, but settled without any bloodshed. When we put them all in the coop yard it turns out that Fido is a bully! She is pecking one of the other girls on the face to the point that she bled. We separated them again and Fido spent the night in the house. Again.[​IMG] Our house and hen yard don't really have any provisions for segregating hens (the reason Fido came into the house to recover). What can I do? SO doesn't trust the idea of putting her out at night and let them wake up together because they might fight before we can get out there to referee.

    Any ideas? Just let them gradually get used to each other the way we are? Will that work eventually? I really WANT Fido OUT of the basement!

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    They will work out their pecking order and even though there may be some blood shed, let them get it out of their system.

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