Re-introducing chicks question


8 Years
May 11, 2011
Southampton, Massachusetts
Hi all I think this is the right area to post this.

I have 2 EEs that I just put out into their coop last weekend they are about 5-6 weeks old, they were bunked up with 3 chicks I bought together which are now about 4ish weeks old. My question is about re-introducing chicks after they have been separated. They all got along well inside but I did not know if once they are separated if I need to slowly re-introduce them when the last 3 are ready to go outside (they still need neck and head feathers).

In addition to this, Snoopy my black australorp decided to make huge progress and unfortunately "flew" across the room into the bucket with my goose and duck who were very unhappy and pulled out her back feathers. The goose and duck are now outside and Snoopy is doing fine and acting like nothing happened, but because of her injuries she is now separated from the other 2 chicks (Everyone has wire now). I know I need to keep her separate from the others until she has healed up and gotten her feathers back (thank you forums <3 ). So I am wondering if I will need to go slow with re-introducing her to the chicks first then the EEs who are outside?

Sorry I know this is a lot of questions but I knew if anyone would know what to do here would be the place! Thanks in advance.
It's usually advised that re-introductions go slowly. I've done it both ways - quick and slowly.

If you have the time to spend, I would give them maybe a day of slow introduction (perhaps through a wire barrier of some sort) and then just put them all together after that and see what happens.

If the seperation hasn't been that long of one I think they'll do fine.

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