Re-introducing myself :)


In the Brooder
7 Years
I joined awhile ago but I barely went on.......

So I'm going to be on more now!

I go by the alias of Skyhawk or Sky, I like the arts (musical, visual, and literary arts), animals, and fantasy/sci fi stuff. That's kind of I can say about my insignificant life.
Unless you want me to brag about my somewhat lame achievements. XD

I'm also a friend of Magic Birdie, if you know her.

When I have my own house, I want chickens! Silkies, australorps, orphingtons, and/or faverolles (spellings?) are on my growing list of breeds-to-own. :D

I read and own an entire book on caring for chickens, so I guess I have some knowledge. Dunno how useful I'll be, though!

And here's a silkie!

See you around, I guess!

BTW, I'm very weird and crazy. JUst a little FYI.

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