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    Feb 22, 2015
    Following a severe feather pecking ordeal, I moved 3 of the worst offenders to a separate coop. I was hoping to disrupt any behaviors and stop the problem but it did not help either issue. It turns out there were more than those three involved. Since it has been nearly 3 weeks, I thought I needed to re-introduce the girls to the original flock as there is no reason for them to be separated.

    Last night, I tried slipping them onto the roost after everyone was asleep. The second they were out of the coop into the run, the 2 groups started fighting like roos: serious jumping, feather puffing, fighting. So I quickly removed them again and am searching for ideas.

    My questions are:
    ~would it make more sense to introduce them one at a time.?

    ~some folks have suggested keeping them side by side for a while but I don't know how long to it; whether to do it one chicken or 3 chickens at a time; or even how to do it without a crate

    I fear that I have caused yet another problem instead of solving the original one.

    I am open to ideas!!


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