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    I've had a couple of questions asked me privately about this program, so I thought I'd post publicaly.

    Bascially, the "Label Rouge" program is a system in France that enables consumers to know that they have purchased birds that have been genetically selected to grow naturally (not fast like here), and who have been raised ethically, and humanely. They have been given natural foods, then slaughtered humanely which means being rendered insensible before having their throat slit to be bled to death (rather than just having their throat slit, and panicking like they do here), then they are air-chilled, so they don't share any filthy ice water bath with many other chickens as is common practice here.

    JM Hatchery from PA is providing these high quality birds. I've been really, really happy with the birds I've got, as have my customers. I'm just a customer - not affiliated in any way.

    I understand that Danny Eiland from AL or Mississippi? Also have an American based breed of slow growth Chicken. I've never tried them, but I know that they're a highly reputable company - and are therefore well worth trying for a pasture-raised meat breed chicken.

    After eating/raising these kind of birds, I will NEVER eat a Cornish X again, and will certainly never raise them.

    Rosharon, TX

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