Re: Power Failure and Silkie Eggs


11 Years
Mar 22, 2008
Folkston, Georgia
I have heard so many differing opinions about the tempratures in the still air Hovabator. I am not an old hand at incubating, but I have hatched two or three times last year. But...I was using a toaster oven and it worked fantastic on 100 degrees and a full pan of water.
Now....I am a bit confused about the hovabators correct temp. I have heard anywhere from 99 to 103. So which is it? And will they fry if it is 102 or 103 for any certain length of time?

Next question: During this last batch, my power went out for almost 18 hours. So I put the eggs under the hen outside until the power came back on. Would this have caused harm to the embryos? Because on the 18th day I had several that had a broken air sack I believe. (The egg when turned shows the air cell sort of free floating?). So I lost all those and they were silkie eggs. Been trying to get my own brood myself.
The rest of the Silkies are still in the incubator. Due to hatch today and/or tomorrow (unless the power situation delayed thehatch I now ordered more silky eggs, so what ar e th repercssions (if any)of having thepower goe up while the incuabor is keeping.Ishould say hatching.Tehe! I have no pips as yet. Please feel free to add any and all comments and ideas. If they dont hatch tonight or tomorrow,what should I do? Thanks guys/gals.Tehe!
Alright, this morning I had a three leghorns pipping. Same three are pipping this evening. Plus two more. I am waiting for two or three silky eggs to start. Nothing so far! These are the ones that I believe survived the power outrage. One of the leghorn eggs, took a pretty big Pip chunk out of the shell on the top earlier this evening. I seen him moving around a little bit. He is not moving now, that I can tell. He is still in there though. I'm not touching anything so far. long should I wait before trying to help. Remember they pipped this morning.

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