Re-using old storm windows around the chain-link run...

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  1. sarahandbray

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    Aug 12, 2014
    Really excited about a way we came up with to block wind but let light in our 8'X12' dog run we have attached to the coop--we repurposed our old storm windows, zip-tied all four corners, and voila!!

    I did all three sides.,,,then hubby gets to fashion a roof!!!

  2. Alaskan

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    Very nice!! It will amaze you how much warmer the run is now that the wind is blocked.
  3. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
    SW Michigan
    My Coop
    Nice!....I used sliding window panels to make a wind block too...I call it the 'Glass Foyer', lol.
    Blocks the prevailing west wind from the pop door and the 'Under Run'.
    I put chicken wire on them for visibility.

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