Reaction to new treats!


May 5, 2017
Independence MO
It is hysterical watching my 4 little chicks. I have so far given them chopped hard boiled eggs, some organic shredded wheat as a scratch, and tonight lettuce leaves from the garden. They discuss everything with little chirps in the corner behind the water: one will get brave and go walk on whatever I've given them then they all take turns doing that several times, then they start running across it: after each turn they retreat to the corner to discuss. After several runs across they start standing still on the treat for a bit then back to the corner again taking turns, Then they do the nibble it with the same sequence before they seem to all decide it is OK to attack it to eat.
Totally agree with the live meal worms! Once they figured out it was food, since if its wriggling they peck at it... it was a mashup. One would grab one, start the high pitched peeping that they had something good, and of course, everybody starts chasing that one... when they older, crickets are fun too.
Most live insects will do the trick. Even one day old chicks will consume like crickets although they may require their mothers help in dismembering each insect. Meal worms and crickets can be acquired commercially.

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