Read the Silkie Standard, but would like additional info!

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    I want to start breeding Splash Silkies (possibly white as well), and I'm trying to gather info on the Silkie standard as well as what to look for when selecting breeder quality chicks. If any of you Silkie lovers out there could help me, I'd greatly appreciate it! [​IMG]

  2. #1 - if you want splash birds - breed B/B/S pen - the best nicest splashes come for Blue X Blue breedings IMHO. [​IMG] Blue X splash and splash X black will pull decent offspring...splashXsplash dilutes the coloring and makes it blurry and fade alot.

    #2 - 5 toes - never 4 (this means they probably lack the gene to re-produce 5 toes)... 4th and 5th toe seperated - not fused and decently spaced - but doesn't have to be perfect as long as its not a glaringly obvious issue.

    #3 - consistant mulberry or blackish purple skin and comb. alot of splashes have a tendancy to have pink or blue/grey skin and blue-white beak/nails - and you don't want that.

    many many other things. [​IMG] these are just obvious basic stuff though - lol
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