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    Jun 24, 2011
    I don't have peeps yet, plan to this spring. I like to research a subject before starting something new. I am not new to animals. I am a retired pet groomer of 26yrs. Worked in pet stores selling fresh and saltwater setups, raised and trained parrots(prefer big birds). As my boys were growing up they had different pets etc. Last night I felt overwhelmed about getting the chickens. I have been reading nonstop...anything I can get my hands on about raising chickens.
    There are sooo many day it's this breed or that. I'd like 2 of each a total of 8. Being from northern NH I'd like them to tolerate the cold, not flighty or broody, friendly, most days confined(hawks here) and I'd like layers. I don't plan on having them for meat. So, do I go with dual purpose or just layers. I'd like an old fashioned chicken.
    Also,they will be kept clean and then I read that too clean so not so good...stir up the litter and let it compost and then it will help with warmth. Leave lights on to lengthen the day, don't feed too much protein or too little, don't let them get fat, don't let them lay too early. Choose a chicken with a comb and wattles suitable for weather. Don't let them get stressed. Do they get so stressed? I could go on but I am drawing a blank. Yes, I'd also like to buy peeps from breeders, but a hatchery will have a variety. What if I get a roo in the mix. I've heard more reasons not to have one. I'm rambling. Just worked a 24hr shift. That's where all the reading comes into play.
    Just to let you know I am thinking on: RIR's, BPRock's, EE's,then perhaps Australorp's. What are the sex-links? Their color tells their sex?
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    Apr 21, 2011
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Those all sound like good choices. EEs are nice because they have the pea combs that are less susceptible to frost bite in the cold climates. And your are right, sex links are crosses that allow you can tell the sex by the color. I have RIR, Puff Orps, an EE and a BPR. All nice birds.
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    LOL! Just get the birds and then relate to them! I did the same when I was expecting my son... Very nearly gave myself a nervous breakdown!

    Those sound like splendid choices for your climate.
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    Jan 12, 2010
    I have salmon faveroles and love them. Sometimes you can learn the most about something, through hands on experience. Get your birds and get started already!!!
  5. Imp

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    Please don't allow the information overload here at BYC overwhelm you. It is there for you to pick and choose from if and when you need it. No need to stress until you have to.

    Sounds like you picked great breeds, and with your research, you will be a great chicken owner.

    Good luck,

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    Dec 22, 2010
    Hey Poochgrmr,

    How exciting for you. You will love it! I agree, don’t get information overload on here. There are so many aspects of chicken keeping but not all may apply to you. Just take your time, enjoy the birds and ask us if you need any help!

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