Ready to move outside, will they be ok?


Jul 17, 2019
Hey, I have some 5 1/2 week olds that are really ready to move to a bigger area.
I dont have any other chickens yet, and everything Ive read talks about the coldest the chicks can survive in.
Well I dont have that problem, it never snows here, and its never really below 45 even in the coldest winter nights. Sure we do get random cold snaps, but its unusual.

My issue is that I just build a great coop and run for these guys, and Im watching the temperature out there.
Its a shaded run, but the temps are hitting 98 degree F. The highest Im hitting indoors where they currently are, are the mid 80s.
Will they get too hot outside? What do you guys do in warmer climates? Im only in San Diego, so its not crazy hot, but it is hot! Sometimes we do hit the 3 digit mark as well. Most of the re4search Ive been able to do says that they will not be happy over 80 degrees. What kind of solution can I have with this weather?
Again, we hitting about 60 degrees at night, and high 90s mid day.

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