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Jul 30, 2009
it out
You would actually live longer without Dr. Pepper! Is that reason enough?
Its ok

Have you ever had Kombucha?
Give it a try sometime.
Just go easy at first, as it is so full of good stuff, it goes to town cleaning out the gut.
Choose a flavor that sounds good, and make a bottle last 3-4 days.
Then you can do more.
Its fizzy, its tart, its sweet, and if you find you like it, its very easy to make at home.
Costs just pennies per gallon.
And you will honestly not crave sodas ever again.
Water kefir is yummy as well, but a bit trickier to make.
My parents make Kombucha. I don't care for it. I wish I did. But I keep trying it when I go up there hoping I will eventually like it. I make sure to drink about a half cup when I do.
My problem is that I want to buy/eat good, real food

the problem is that REAL food takes REAL time to make/prepare.

I come home from work already worn out and I need to decompress but I'm hungry NOW because I haven't really eaten in about 6 hours.
BUT FIRST I have to let the dogs out and play some fetch or else I'd never get a thing done with them in the way. While I'm out there I'll check for eggs and count the beaks and lock the coop.
THEN I have to wash dishes or clean up the kitchen or whatever.
THEN I make something that takes an hour to cook.
After I get done with all that I've waited so long to eat that my sugar level is somewhere lower than the basement.....
By then I'm left with so little energy that sometimes I just go to bed hungry

The solution for snacks on the go to prevent sugar drops while I'm at work? Hmm we have soda, beef jerky, trailmix, granola bars, there's always drive grassfed steak and soaked grains don't travel too well and don't eat well at room temp. I get tired of eating crapola all the time. I CRAVE REAL HOMECOOKED GOODNESS LIKE MY GRANDMA USED TO MAKE BUT I NEVER HAVE THE TIME TO MAKE IT MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact. I was all into the whole/real foods thing a few years back. I learned to shop that way. We get organic, non-homogenized milk to the tune of $6.50+/gal since we can't get raw milk, I used to soak grains, we don't buy anything that has HFCS (that rules out most processed foods) ETC.
Tonight I was so frustrated that I haven't had the TIME to prep/cook a steak that I bought LAST payday and now tomorrow is the next payday (yes I have 2 week old steak in my fridge and it's still edible) PLUS the fact that he was home all day while I worked and he didn't wash a single dish or throw the frizbee for the dog --- that I told DH I'm wasting my money buying all this healthy food and that this payday (tomorrow) I'm buying nothing except hotdogs and bologna and paper plates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
----> this describes my feelings about food tonight:
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Invest in a crockpot

you could "prep cook" somethings on the weekend, make up small portions, freeze or fridge them and reheat through the week.

Using these techniques really helps me out.
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