Real Question - Mini oscillating fans yes or no?


Aug 25, 2018
This may be the dumbest question but I genuinely do not know. I have micro seramas who live in a "townhouse", and they love it. However while great at keeping heat in, during the summer this is a problem. I was thinking about getting those mini clip on battery powered fans to lightly circulate air from outside the townhouse. What do you guys think about using maybe one for the first floor, one for the second floor, and one for the enclosed run? Do chickens hate wind being blown continuously on them or will they be more like dogs who enjoy circulating air?

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Can you post a photo of the Townhouse and of course the birds too :) (we love photos!)

I'm sure others will chime in. You may need to add more ventilation if possible for Summer, but be able to block it off more for winter.

I do use a fans in my runs to circulate air and I have one in my coop to pull air through as well. My birds don't seem to mind the fans at all - but I have large fowl.

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